Ivan Nova is a diamond in the rough.


Ivan Nova is a diamond in the rough. The stuff he brings to the mound is exceptional and eye opening. From watching tonight’s game of Nova starting for the first time since June 23rd, you can clearly see what he brings to the table.

Nova hit Chris Stewart’s glove with a scorching 97mph fastball earlier in the game tonight which alone is impressive. But Nova’s arsenal on the mound doesn’t stop there.

He’s armed with a knee buckling 12-6 curve and a sinker that when it’s right, can get the best hitters in the major leagues out. So what’s the problem then? Nova’s inconsistency has hindered the elevation of his game.

You can ask any Yankee fan, in the past year if Nova is on the mound, it usually means trouble for the Bronx bombers. However, a year ago Nova was one of the biggest winners in baseball.

Nova had a stretch where he won more then a dozen games in a row. So what is the real problem with Ivan Nova?? I actually think it’s pretty simple. Confidence, plain an simple, it’s confidence!

Nova needs to challenge hitters, he needs to come right at them and test the hitters ability against his stuff. He needs to develop a gunslingers attitude on the mound.

If he can learn to do this, keep his confidence up and keep himself locked in throughout the entire game, I can see Nova becoming a top notch pitcher. Of course it’s easier said then done and countless pitchers have failed to do this before but with Ivan Nova, I think he can put it all together. Patience will be key for the Yankees.


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